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The Bulgarians Are Coming: And They Want To Work

by | 27th, September 2007

uncle-bulgaria.jpgTHE Rogarians are not here. Not all of them. Not yet.

But the Express is keeping count. And today it brings news: “Bulgarians want free access to your job markets.”

The Bulgarian government says only four Bulgarians have been deported from the UK since Bulgaria joined the EU.

Says that country’s Euro-Affairs Minister Gergana Grancharova, speaking from a small basement flat in Cricklewood, north London: “Two of them were residing illegally and the other two were working illegally in the UK.”

She’s right. We’ve done the sums. That does make four. Although what with identity theft and fraud, it could be the same person four times over.

But even if they do come, Mrs Grancharova (cleaning and odd jobs £6 an hours, cash only) says: “Figures show that Bulgarian migrants should not be an issue for the UK. Bulgaria is a small country and unable to create huge obstacles for the UK labour market.”

But what about the Bulgarian’s impact upon our criminal fraternity. As the Mail recently reported, since January 1 this year, when Romanians were allowed free access to other EU member states, they have enacted 1,080 offences.

That might not sound a lot but if you were an honest British criminal trying to get by, it could mean the difference between a life of poverty and getting a job.

“Bulgaria is the crime capital of Europe,” say the Express. It is “plagued by powerful drugs cartels, alarming levels of people trafficking and a government embroiled in Mafia corruption.”

British villains should be worried. We need to stop these people coming here looking for work before it is too late.

Of course, if the Rogarians earn and make money legally, they could become victims of street crime and burglary. But let’s not dwell on the positives…

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