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War On Terror: Britain’s New Model Army And Air Force

by | 27th, September 2007

aircraft.jpgLITTLE talk on the War On Terror in the papers.

It’s as if Gordon Brown’s been writing them. In light of his speech to Labour conference, we had thought to call the War On Terror ‘Tony’s War On Terror’, just to avoid confusion and a dignified retreat.

But there is news. And it can be found in the Sun beneath the headline “A MODEL PLANES ACE FIGHTS THE TALIBAN”.

Readers might expect to see a young lad wearing an England football kit at the controls of a Tornado GR4. Or, given the state of British armaments, the youth showing of the de Havilland Mosquito TT35 he made in the garage with his dad, a battle re-enactment enthusiast from Surbiton.

But we are not them. They would recruit boys into the fight, these Taliban.

The story is that Britain’s champion model plane pilot (age and name not given) is now manning the Hermes Unmanned Ariel vehicles that fly over the troops in Afghanistan.

Usually the job is performed by squaddies, but they are not trained pilots, says the Sun, and have been crashing the aircraft, and not always into the enemy.

As the source tells the paper: “So the champ was hired on a £50,000 contract, purely to take off the UAVs and then land them again.”

Hurrah to him. And good to know that our brave boys and girls are operating beneath the auspices of a man able to yaw with the best of The Few.

“The door is never closed to anyone who helps us complete our mission,” says Lt Col Richard Eaten, British Forces spokesman.

Indeed, as the British Model’s Flying Association’s motto boasts: “UNITED WE ACHIEVE.”

With any luck, the war will be over by Oct 5, in time for the Three Shires MFC Swapmeet 7 pm on, Dudley and Kingswinford Rugby Club, DY6 0AW. Contact Lynn or Steve.

God speed…

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