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Global Warming: The Science Of The Lamb

by | 28th, September 2007

lamb.jpgGLOBAL warming occupies the Express’s “Ingham’s WORLD”.

Ingham is John Ingham who is qualified to comment on green matters because he is a citizen of Planet Earth (see the ‘O’ of his “WORLD”.)

Ingham of The Earth hears Australia say its grape crop could be cut by half thanks to global warming.

Ingham has been reading 100 Ways To Save The World. It’s a book. It’s printed on paper.

Advice includes buying meat from threatened breeds of sheep. Eat the Herdwick lamb and save us all. Although not the lamb, obviously. Sacrifices must be made.

He has also seen a study by Deer Initiative which shows that up to 74,000 deer are killed on our roads each year. It might be an idea for road safety campaigners to replace the hedgehog with Bambi. And you wouldn’t want to kill Bambi would you?

Unless, of course, you’ve finished off the lamb…

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