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Princess Diana: Inquest Jurors Asked If They Knew Her

by | 28th, September 2007

princess-diana-daily-express.jpgA DOUBLE whammy on the Express’s front page as the quotidian headline “MADELEINE” shares space with “DIANA”.

The Princess Diana inquest in almost upon us and the jurors are being sworn in. But first a spot quiz.

“Have you or, to your knowledge, any immediate relatives or close friend ever been employed by or associated with any of the following:-

(i) MI5 (The Security Services)
(ii) MI6 (The Secret Intelligence Service)
(iii) GCHQ (the Government Communications Headquarters)”

And that’s not all:

“Are you, or to your knowledge, any immediate relative or close friend employed by or associated with any of the following:-

(i) The Royal Family or the Royal Household
(ii) The Al Fayed Family
(iii) Any business or enterprise in any way connected with Mohammed Al Fayed (such as Harrods, Fulham Football club or the Ritz Hotel Paris)
(iv) The Metropolitan Police Service
(v) The Spencer Family”

The Mail has more questions. Always questions. And, no, one of them is not: “Did you kill her, did you kill the Princess of Hearts?”

The key question is surely:

“Are you aware of anything that would prevent you from returning an independent and impartial verdict in these inquests based only on the evidence that you hear, if so, what?”

“Well, yer honour, I have read ten years of Daily Express headlines, most of which allude to the notion that Princess Diana – THEY MURDERED HER. BASTARDS! – was killed by The Establishment.”

The test is taken. The answers are processed. Of 227 possible jurors, a shortlist of 25 names is produced.

Indeed, it is incredible to think that 25 people in this country have no preconceived notions as to how Princess Diana died.

And the chances are that the jurors – who are to be given police protection – LEST THEY MURDER THEM TOO – will deliver a verdict the papers can question for some years to come…

(If only she’d worn a seatbelt.)

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