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Tony Blair’s Wooden Horse Politics: Immigrants Invade In BMW

by | 28th, September 2007

tony_blair_leaves.jpgTONY Blair’s car doesn’t look like a horse, much less a wooden one. But when police opened the doors of the £100,000 BMW, four asylum seekers leapt out. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

Less dramatically, the four did not emerge brandishing pistols and demanding to be taken to “your leader or else”.

We would have some sympathy for them had they secreted themselves inside the vehicle when Tony was still in charge, emerging to find their master plan undone by Gordon Brown’s lacquer and spray revolution.

But the Mail is unimpressed. A source is given space to tell one and all: “It makes a complete mockery of our border controls.”

Only it doesn’t. The four men emerged in a police garage. They were arrested. The process worked.

And they had best be dealt with quickly as the Mail’s front page thunders: “2M MORE MIGRANTS IN JUST A DECADE.”

The new estimate by the Office for National Statistics says numbers will grow by 190,000 a year. This, says the Mail, is 30 per cent higher than previous estimates.

But not as high as the Express’s estimates, the paper announcing on its front page: “Immigration will add 7million to our population.”

“520 immigrants a day to come here for next 25 years.” The Express wonders: “Should Britain be declared officially full to new immigrants.”

Or is Britain pleasantly peckish, able to stomach a few choice morsels, say physics teachers and a few footballers, but no more stodgy cleaning staff, waiters, labourers and just about anyone else who will do rubbish jobs for rubbish money.

“Minsters have had their heads in the sand for too long,” says Damian Green, Shadow Immigration Minister. Not to mention their feet in the warmer water – we free to go over there?

To the ports, dear readers. It’s time to invade the world cone again. Last one to the Mondeo’s a Rogarian…

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