Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: The Nanny Suspect, Amaral Policing And Jail

Madeleine McCann: The Nanny Suspect, Amaral Policing And Jail

by | 30th, September 2007

MADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann.


The Sunday Express is not the Express, which has form some weeks led with the front-page banner “MADELEINE”. The Sundays Express goes its own way.

“McCanns remain defiant as they face 40 questions from UK police this week”

“Kate and Gerry’s fury as new sighting in Morocco by businessman is ignored”


The truth… At last…


A picture of Madeleine McCann (on the right). A picture of Portuguese copper Goncarlo Amaral (left).

“Police have ignored 250 sightings of her” – and have investigated how many?

“Cop leading police probe works four hours a day” – Amaral’s not overworked and fresh.

“He has three-hour boozy lunches with pals” – Amaral holds lengthy meetings to discuss and masticate over the case with team.

“Puffing on a cigarette and knocking back beers, the man leading the world’s biggest missing child inquiry enjoys yet another long, boozy lunch.”

Good to know that the Mirror is not wasting its time and watching him.


“Friends say the couple are ‘extremely concerned’ by the nature of the threats and are considering hiring extra security.

Last night a spokeswoman for the McCanns, both 39, confirmed that they had been sent what she described as ‘negative letters and fear mail’.”

INDEPENDENT: “Maddie ‘kidnapped by maid’, says email.”

“The McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said they were ‘encouraged’ by the development.”

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: Kate McCann will risk jail to find Madeleine

Kate McCann has been told by her legal team that she faces jail sentence if she flouts Portuguese law to discuss details of the four-year-old’s disappearance in a high-profile television interview.
She tells a “close friend”: “I will do what I must. What does any of it matter if it helps find Madeleine?”

“It is what Kate thinks will help,” a close friend tells the paper. “What choice does she have? Unless Kate and Gerry ignore the law and speak out, their chances of finding Madeleine will dwindle further. Better to risk prison if it helps find her.

“Will the Portuguese police really prosecute a mother whose sole aim is to find her daughter or at least, God forbid, discover the whereabouts of her body? Kate, most of all, believes risking a jail sentence is nothing compared to finding Madeleine.”

Who needs an interview with Kate with friends like that?

THE OBSERVER: “This limbo that lasts a lifetime,” writes Carol Sarler.

“The McCanns are said to be devastated by dashed hopes; if so, they must get used to it, for there will be more sightings, more dashing and, to add to their misery, more harassment of more innocent families. I know this because, having investigated the disappearance of Ben Needham on Kos in 1991, the unfolding of the McCann case has felt like one long, wretched, groundhog summer.

“Ben, recapped in a nutshell: his grandparents, Eddie and Chris Needham, moved from Sheffield to Kos with their teenage son Stephen, daughter Kerry and her boyfriend and their son, Ben…

“…The singular difference between the Needhams and the McCanns is, crudely, class. Eddie has homemade tattoos on his knuckles, Chris was a grandmother at 38, Kerry and her boyfriend – a man known, as they say, to the police – lived in a council block. Perhaps this explains why, throughout their ordeal, nobody from the British consulate in Athens once got off their butt or went to Kos to help or support; surgeon Gerry McCann, by contrast, mobilised the world.”

“Arabic adverts aid Madeleine hunt”… “Despite the disappointment of last week’s misleading sighting of a blonde girl in the Moroccan town of Zaio, the McCanns believe that their daughter might be somewhere in the country.”

TIMES: No Madeleine news today.

The Suspects So Far

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