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Real Love: Ashley Cole Left Arsenal And Joined Chelsea For Cheryl

by | 30th, September 2007

CHELSEA FC are failing to win every game and Ashley Cole’s Wag Cheryl is in negotiations with the News Of The World. Can the two be linked?

Here’s Cheryl telling the world that it was not Ashley’s dream to move to Chelsea from Arsenal but to play for Real Madrid.

(To recap: In 2005, Chelsea and their manager Jose Mourinho were found guilty of illegally “tapping up” Arsenal defender Ashley Cole.

They broke Premier League rules forbidding rival clubs to approach a contracted player without permission from their employers.

Cole was found guilty of talking to Chelsea with a view to negotiating a transfer without approval from Arsenal.)

Says Cheryl: “Why should all my dreams and aspirations be shattered for the sake of his career? It would have meant that I’d have had to give up my career, which I wasn’t prepared to do.”

Cheryl is one part of the act Girls Aloud. The is very reason to believe that, given Ashley’s salary, Cheryl could have afforded to rent a small flat in the UK and, thanks to budget air travel, flown to Madrid for photo opportunities.

Cheryl tells us that “Ashley was offered a hell of a lot of money to go…the deal was there on the table”.

But the table, la mesa, was in Madrid.

She goes on: “I stopped him living his dream playing out there. It made things difficult. I’ve been through a s**t, horrible relationship before, so I refuse to argue with Ashley. I disagree with him, that’s human nature, but I won’t get into an abusive relationship again.

“So there was a lot of disagreement, and there were a lot of tears being shed. He has always told me never to talk about this, but I think people should know.”

Good that she does. And with Chelsea languishing in the Premier League table among the also-rans, and CAshley playing football that would make it a struggle for him to make the Arsenal team he was so desperate to leave, Cheryl speaks out.

“I almost begged Ashley to sign for Chelsea not really knowing what that would mean,” she says. “…But I didn’t realise the extent to which moving from Arsenal to Chelsea would cause so much hurt between the two of us, and to Arsenal fans… And for that I do apologise. He wouldn’t have got half as much s**t if he had gone there (to Madrid) rather than Chelsea. And I blame myself for a lot of that.

“Looking back, with all the different advice he was getting and me saying, ‘Don’t go abroad’, it must have been hard for him. He went through hell.”

“His eyes were dead until recently.”

So there you have it. It was never about money. It was never about greed and disloyalty. It was about love. As Cheryl says:

“I’ve never been the kind of girl who has to have the latest Chloé handbag. If I see a nice bag for £30, I’ll get it.”

The NOTW notes: “As she talks, she twiddles the giant diamond ring on her finger. How much is that worth?”

“That’s worth Ashley’s heart,” she smiles.

And we understand…

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