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David Cameron: Mission Impossible, Combing Hair And The BNP

by | 1st, October 2007

CAMERON Watch: It’s the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool and David Cameron is taking centre stage. That’s him perspiring under the arc lights. This is what the papers say of the man who would be leader:
David Cameron has a job to do.

“Good morning, Mr Cameron. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to track down some policies and destroy the 11-point gap between Conservatives and Labour. If you fail in your mission, the Tory party will self-destruct in three days.”

(Wasn’t it the message that used to explode?)

“Good luck, Dave. You’ll need it.”

Nice of the Sun to wish Cameron well, and on its front page. That’s good PR for you. Invaluable.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Tories to end the litigation culture in schools.”

Bring back the short, sharp shock! Bring back the cane! Bring back fags!

Says Cameron: “This week we are going to mount the great Conservative fightback. It is going to be a fightback based on clear policies, based on clear direction and based on the clear choice that we will give people at the next election.”

Dave, you only have three days. Get on with it!

THE TIMES front page: “Cameron’s policy blitz to head off snap poll”.

Time is ticking. Gordon Brown’s call for a general election is nigh.

Page 6 and a picture of Cameron having his hair combed by a shadowy hand. William Hague (is it his hand?) says Cameron’s “combination of tenacity and intelligence marks him the best of us”.

There is a cartoon by Morland of Team Cameron taking in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. “Bring it On!” says Dave as the rollercoaster appraces the end of the track and a sudden drop. Ah, the optimism…

DAILY MAIL front page: “BATTLE IS JOINED. Tax breaks for marriage, a rescue fund for pensioners and cuts in stamp duty. The Cameron fightback begins.”

Page 6: “TORIES IN BNP STORM” – Muslim peer Sayeeda Warsi says the far-right party has some “very legitimate views”. Cameron says: “Sayeeda has spent most of her political life fighting the BNP. It is a dreadful party. But we have to recognise people have concerns about immigration.”

“Leader backs race row peer,” says Mirror. Cameron supports Muslim woman, suggests an alternative headline.

THE GUARDIAN front page: “Labour attacks Cameron on ‘unaffordable’ tax cuts” – pressure increases on Tory leader’s critical conference week.
“Leader backs frontbencher over views on BNP”

THE INDEPENDENT: “Cameron throws down election challenge despite impressive poll lead for Labour”

“Why has the Cameron bubble burst, and what’s your biggest regret?” Those quetions to you, Oliver Letwin

DAILY STAR: “CAM ON THEN – Tories can’t wait to fight Gord in poll”

DAILY EXPRESS phone poll: “Has Gordon Brown been a disaster for Britain?”

“Camerons hope for a walkover” – David Cameron is walking hand-in-hand with his wife, Samantha. She wears “short black skirt, black stilettos and blue cashmere cardigan”.

Pic: Poldraw

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