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War On Terror: An Islamic State By Degrees

by | 1st, October 2007

THE War on Terror ploughs on. And the Express has a headline to instil fear and dread: “Muslim students ‘urged to fight Army in Iraq’.”

Muslim students, it would appear, are not like other students, for whom getting out of bed sober is a bridge too far. For them the Disaster Management BSc Honours degree at Strathclyde University, with Dance and Professional Practice module, is but a small part of the bigger picture.

These Muslim students are being urged to fight the good fight by Hizb ut Tahrir, an Islamist group.

A certain Shriraz Maher is said to have left the group and is now well positioned to offer an insight into its operation.

One leaflet produced by Hizb ut Tahrir says: “Your forefathers destroyed the first crusaders campaign. Should you not proceed like them and destroy the new crusaders? Let the armies move to help the Muslims in Iraq, for they seek your help.”

Says Mr Maher, who forefathers’ jobs are not listed: “Hizb ut Tahrir despises democracy and believes Shariah law must be imposed over the whole world, by force if necessary. I think unless we challenge this we are sleepwalking into a very dangerous time.”

Sleepwalking? That sounds more like the students we know.

Unless, of course, they are brainwashed, or just stoned and listening Omar Bakri’s ambient trance mash up..?

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