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Alisher Usmanov’s Past Revealed

by | 2nd, October 2007

ALISHER Usmanov has made the step from the blogs to the newspapers. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

Many now know all about Usmanov’s past. For those unaware, the Mail notes that the Russian is a former “fencing champion”.

We might learn even more about the man who would own Arsenal. The Times’ Matt Dickinson says the English media sit down with Usmanov for the first time today. (The press pack are off to Moscow, or at least as many hack as you can fit on a Gulfstream jet are.)

But this is not the first time Usmanov has met with the English. As the Independent reports, the billionaire took along his wallet for talks with Liverpool and Spurs.

But he opted for Arsenal because he loves the team. And note that £120 million would have bought him a larger slice of Spurs than the 23 per cent stake it has secured in their rivals. (Two years ago Jo Lewis bought a controlling stake in Spurs for £100million.)

“Alisher loves Arsenal,” a source tells the Mirror. “It’s his club,” says the Sun’s source.
And, as the Express puts it: “Usmanov and Dein have not got a chance.”

Dein is, of course, David Dein who sold his stake in Arsenal to Usmanov and chairs the Russian’s Right and white Holdings group.

And it is he and not Usmanov who is the problem. As a source says: “David Dein is so loathed within the boardroom that the main shareholders there would not sell to him, no matter what, and they wouldn’t want anything to do with anyone connected to him.”

The paper’s Harry Harris (“On Tuesday”, for those unsure) says if pushed to sell, it is more likely the Arsenal board would sell to American Stan Kroenke.

His prowess with a blade is not known…

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