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The Daily Telegraph’s 100 Ugliest People In Showbiz

by | 2nd, October 2007

IF politics is showbiz for ugly people, the Telegraph is OK! magazine without the gloss and orangey glow. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

On Sunday last, the paper began its “influential 100” section, in which it would tell readers who are the movers and the awakers in the Tory Party and on the Right of politics.

We have yet to arrive at Number 1 in the hit list, and the thinking is that maybe it will be David Cameron, maybe not.

It won’t be former Tory leader Michael Howard (41), former foreign secretary Lord Hurd of Westwell (32) nor shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley MP (42).

The excitement is almost worth waking up for. But this is not for all readers, just 100 of them, and their significant others. The suspicion is that the list is to boost egos and let the likes of Robert Edmiston (26), a Conservative party donor, know that he is more of an influencer than former first minister of Northern Ireland Lord Trimble.

Indeed, the top ten is very likely to be a composite blend of donors, tax advisors and those wonderfully powerful people who may not have realised just how influential they could be if they helped the cause…

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