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Conservative Teresa May Puts Both Feet Wrong

by | 3rd, October 2007

THERESA May, Shadow Leader of the Commons, is doing a passable impression of Cilla Black birdie dancing on a cruise liner in the teeth of a mid-Atlantic storm.

But never mind the hair, the red lipstick and the teeth as she sways across the boards. Look at the shoes. Focus on the shoes. The Mail does. It’s Theresa ‘s 51st birthday and she is dancing.

The shoes, of course, it is always the shoes with the Tory MP, now performing as Shadow Leader of the Commons.

When May wore leopard-print shoes at Party conference 2002, aged men clacked their tongues. Women pursed their lips.

Theresa May had new shoes. Anne Widdecombe might have Rosa Klebb’s, but these were the real killer heels.

And then Theresa wore leopard-print Wellington boots. She had a look. This was her kit. She will be forever associated with leopard print.

To her mind, one imagines leopard-print stands for daring, edgy, stealth, strength and speed. But it works best on a leopard.

No-one dresses like Theresa May, at least no-one who should be in the public eye this side of a Bucharest alley.

And she runs the risk of appearing out of date. Doesn’t May realise that this season’s look is tiger-print, as modelled by Princess Diana’s miracle suit (‘Makes you look pregnant or your money back!’)?

Of course, if May hangs around long enough she will, like Margaret Thatcher’s handbag, return to fashion…

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