Anorak News | War On Terror: We Have Osama bin Laden On Line Two

War On Terror: We Have Osama bin Laden On Line Two

by | 4th, October 2007

NEWS on the War on Terror in the Sun, and Osama Bin Laden is tuning in.

Indeed, readers while you cannot get a signal in your block of flats cave-dwelling – not licence-fee paying! – Osama uses dark arts to receive crystal clear sounds provided by BBB World Service.

Jane Felix-Browne, Osama’s daughter-in-law, married to Bin Laden’s son Omar, says: “It’s impossible to have contact with him as he doesn’t have a phone. But he listens to BBC World Service – so I presume if anyone want to say Hi to him they do it on the radio.”

Osama and his pals should not that the BBC rarely does requests on its spoken word stations and the DJ’s refusals to dedicate Kajagoogoo’s Two Shy to the Tora Bora massive should not be met with threats of a painful death by a million cuts.

A look over the BBC schedules reveals that Osama can look forward to The Beat (“Your guide to what’s new this week in the world of popular music”), World, Have Your Say (“An interactive programme in which BBC World Service listeners can voice their opinion and comment on the issues of the day” – although Osama doesn’t have a phone but can email his views in) and Sports Roundup (“Our comprehensive round-up of world sports, covering all the latest action, issues and results”).

Osama hunters may care to coincide their search with live coverage of Arsenal matches. Chatter in support of “Arsene Wenger’s red and white army” and yelps of delight and the command “Let’s all laugh at Tottenham” should be investigated…

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