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Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann Becomes Mum

by | 5th, October 2007

MADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann.


“For the first time she reveals her torment” – Kate gives the papers what they want: tears

Pages 6 and 7: “Madleine’s mum: I can’t stop crying” – Kate McCann is no longer Kate McCann; she is above all things Madeleine’s mum

“Obviously nothing can compare with the night Madeleine went missing,” says mum. And Gerry – dad’s – worst moment? “I think when we were made suspects in our own daughter’s disappearance – when the inference was that Madeleine was dead and that, somehow, we were involved…”


“But, no it can’t get any worse than that first night…”

DAILY MAIL page 7: “Some days I just can’t stop the tears, says Maddie’s mother”

“Second police chief quits the case” – Tavares Almeida has followed his boss Goncarlo Amaral and left the business of Madeleine McCann to another lucky Portuguese cop

DAILY MIRROR front page: “KATE McCANN SPEAKS AS NEVER BEFORE..Every day felt like a week”

Page 5: “Being named suspects, the idea that we were involved, was terrible. But NOTHING can compare to the trauma of the first night our Madeleine went missing”

Kate is a “locum GP”. Gerry is a “heart specialist”. These are the facts. And they remain unaltered

The couple give an interview as they visit the offices of the Leicester Mercury newspaper, where they are presented with a cheque for £57,000 from the sales of the Madeleine wristbands

THE SUN front page: “KATE’S MADDIE ORDEAL – NOTHING’S AS BAD AS THAT NIGHT. Mum tells of torment”

Page 6: “I weep for Maddie…but we still have hope”

Says Kate McCann: “I’ve had days when if I wasn’t crying for Madeleine, I was crying from the messages people have sent us”

The McCanns “say their lowest point…was when Portuguese police declared them ‘arguidos’ – formal suspects over their daughter’s disappearance”. So not the night Madeleine disappeared, as the Express says?

Gerry is a “cardiologist”

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE – Kate: I cry for my daughter every day”

Page 8 and 9: “Finding Maddie had gone was far worse than being named suspect in killing”

THE TIMES page 14: “The twins are the only part of our lives that are normal”

Kate McCann says: “There is a semblance of normality returning. It’s more normal than it was three weeks ago, Amelie and Sean can see that. But really how can it be normal without Madeleine?”

THE INDEPENDENT page 8: “Second officer steps own from Madeleine inquiry” – Tavares Almeida. Bad Times, as Tavares were wont to say

THE GUARDIAN page 15: “Sacked Madeleine detective’s deputy seeks leave” – Senor Tavares. (Heaven Must be Missing An Angel)


Page 3: “The McCanns have kept Madeleine’s room the same as it was. The twins are allowed in for a few minutes – “Otherwise, the door remains closed most of the time”

Detectives make notes.

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