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The Happy Ending Foundation Invites You To A Book Burning

by | 5th, October 2007

ONCE upon a time, in a garden not far enough away, The Happy Ending Foundation met.

Hello, Mrs Small. Are you going to burn the books in a huge fire?


Good. Little Miss Small, Mrs Small’s daughter is ten. She is depressed. Do you know what depressed means?

(Hold up hands)

No, that’s rehab. And no, that’s a sexually transmitted disease. An STD.

Depressed is what Miss Small gets after reading stories with sad endings.

Says Mrs Small: “I talked to other mothers and friends and we decided to do something positive with books that are more upbeat.”

Clare Hughs, Mrs East of England Cheering Committee, says: “I’ve seen the way my children respond to real life, whether it be the disappearance of a child, like Madeleine McCann (now to be called Little Miss Missing) or bombings, and that give them enough nightmares.”

So Mrs Small and Mrs Cheering are planning a series of Bad Book Bonfires later this month, says the Mail reports.

The fires will coincide with Children’s Book Week.

So if you have a bad book in out home, library or school bag, bring it along and see if it burns.

Fire is bright and fire is clean…

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