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Gordon Brown Bottles It And Prevents Change

by | 7th, October 2007


At least that’s what the Mail on Sunday’s front page says.

Gordon Brown offers another explanation, something along the lines of the country not wanting him to call a general election, a dental appointment he dare not miss and nothing at all about worrying that he might lose and go down as the second-shortest serving British Prime Minister in history, behind George Whatshisname.

But the News of the World, the Sun’s sister paper, knows better. It has the inside take. And announces in now shy way: “News of the World poll kills election – BROWN AND OUT.”

Indeed. It was the “Sun Wot Dun It”.

Reading on: “Gordon Brown’s plans for an early general election were thrown into chaos last night when he learned the devastating results of a News of the World poll.”

It told Brown of “a Tory lead of SIX PER CENT in 83 key marginal constituencies—meaning almost 50 Labour MPs would lose their seats”.

The News of the World foresees a hung parliament and the Tories in power.

Says Brown: “I made the decision for a different reason—because I want to get on with the job of change in this country.”

Of course, he could call an election and bring about change overnight…

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