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God In America: Nancy Pelosi Prays

by | 7th, October 2007

RICHARD Dawkins wants to sell atheism to the Americans. He hasn’t a prayer:

Over there, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says on Fox News:
“First of all, I pray for President Bush all the time, and I pray especially hard that he would sign the children’s health bill because it’s so important for America’s children. I pray that he makes the right decisions for the American people.”

If it’s all God’s will can Bush be blamed for anything?

Pelosi goes on: “We just pray that God’s will be done. We pray for the children, we pray for poor people, we pray for people who need help. And we always, always, always pray for our men and women in uniform who make our freedom to pray possible.”

They’re fighting for our right to pray. And not to pray.


Barak Obama says: “God “is with us and he wants us to do the right thing”. Obama is speaking from the pulpit to members of the Redemption World Outreach Center. When people work together, he said, there is “nothing that can stop us because that’s God’s intention”. Let’s hope al Qaeda stop working together…

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