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Cheeky Girls Reveal All

by | 8th, October 2007

THE Cheeky Girls are in the Daily Sport. In swimwear. In interview.
Anorak readers are well versed in Sport interviews and might look forward to questions on the lines of “Big or Small?”, “Bum Fun?” and “Ant or Dec?”

“We work out so hard and have been doing ballet for 14 years so we are in good shape,” says Gaby.

But she adds: “You’ve got to keep a little bit covered and keep the lads guessing.”

The kind of lads who need to guess what breasts look like and what appears beneath the crotch of the girls’ silver bikinis as they bend over either have no access to the Internet, no girlfriend or are living in a secure institution on the Isle of White.

Or else they have never seen a Transylvanian chest pelt.

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