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Princess Diana Inquest Day 3630 AD: A Villa In France

by | 8th, October 2007

IT’S day six of the Princess Diana car crash inquest, or, as the Express puts it, 3698 AD.

“DIANA,” announces the Express. “Armed police guard jury on crash route.” And not just any police, but “gun guards” and “200 riot police”.

But there is trouble. The Express says two “key witnesses” have refused to give evidence at the Diana inquest. And this raises “fears that the truth about Princess Diana’s death may never be uncovered”.

Any whiff of doubt at the end of this six-month hearing will not escape the fearless Express, which takes investigative reporting to new heights. It will go on and on until we all are in agreement, from the man on the grassy knoll to the woman who shouts at pigeons in the precinct. If all of us do not agree, how can anything be true?

Jacques Langevin will not testify. He took “the last picture” of Diana outside the Ritz. French taxi driver Le Van Thanh has also declined. The Express says many believe him to be drive of the battered white Fiat Uno that may have collided with Diana’s car. He is pictured leaning on red Fiat Uno.

It follows that “vital testimony” will be missing. It’s a “severe blow to the credibility of the inquest”.

And what of the US secret service files on Diana? The Mail says Mohamed al Fayed wants these passed on to the inquest. What do they show. Anything? Nothing?

But there is some news. The Mirror has unearthed a “secret witness”. She is Rebecca Murell. She saw Diana and Dodi visit Al Fayed’s villa outside Paris on the afternoon before the couple died.

“I am convinced there was something sinister going on, to the point where I doubt if even my own husband was telling the truth.”

Murrell’s husband was one Dodi’s bodyguards.

“Amazingly,” says the Mirror, Rebecca was never interviewed for Lord Stevens’ probe?

How many others have not been called? Have you? Did you see Diana?

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