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Why Gordon Brown Did Not Call An Election: Official

by | 8th, October 2007

IT was because, as the No 10 website reveals:

Gordon Brown has said there will be no general election this year following mounting media speculation.

In an interview with the BBC in Downing Street, the PM said he had a “vision for change” for the country that he wanted to implement. He added that he wanted the “chance to develop policies” following an initial period in office spent tackling a number of emergencies such as foot and mouth and July’s terror attacks.

That’s right. It was the media wot dunnit.

Not Douglas Alexander, International Development Secretary and general election co-ordiantor, who believed an autumn election would “close the deal” on David Cameron.

Not Ed Balls, Schools Secretary, who said during the Labour Party conference that it might be a gamble to delay.

It was the media that speculated.

Not Labour.

Not Gordon Brown, even though the Sun’s Trevor Kavanagh says Brown looks like a “constipated ditherer” and “has only himself to blame for the non-election shambles”.

It was them. It was the media…

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