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Presidential Race 2008: With Latest Betting Odds

by | 8th, October 2007

RACE To The White House: Anorak’s roundup of what to look forward to over the coming week in the scintillating race to become the most powerful American:

It’s make or break time for Fred “You may have seen me in Die Hard 2” Thompson.

The pug-faced Republican, and star of Law and Order, threw his hat in the ring so late that tomorrow will be his first head-to-head with rival candidates in Dearborn, Michigan.

While Thompson’s desire to cut taxes might appeal to many Republicans, the Wall Street Journal notes that his desire to cut Medicare and Social Security payments may alienate voters over a certain age.

Meanwhile, the New York Times wonders whether Thompson will survive the live debate after recent blunders on the campaign trail, such as referring to Russia as “the Soviet Union.”

Over at the impregnable fortress of Camp Clinton everything appears to be going swimmingly.

Following a swing through Iowa, the Democratic frontrunner appears to be pulling ahead of rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards. And her almost flawless run continues, despite losing her cool in a Q&A session with potential voters, where she accused an innocent questioner of being a plant. She quickly backtracked and apologized.

Even Clinton’s rivals are having a hard time scoring points. As the New York Sun reports today, John Edwards lets his wife and campaign staff do all the hard talking while he couches his criticisms in the mildest terms possible. Wouldn’t you if your chances of winning were slim to none? Betfair puts Edwards’ chances of winning the race at 16-1, while Clinton’s still the hot favourite at 1-2.

You wouldn’t want to go pissing off the future president now, would you?

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