Anorak News | Jon Gaunt Is Undaunted By Matthew Norman And Lewis Hamilton’s Burka

Jon Gaunt Is Undaunted By Matthew Norman And Lewis Hamilton’s Burka

by | 9th, October 2007

JON Gaunt, the Sun’s Mr Voice Of the People, has a book out. It’s called Undaunted. It gets just two mentions in his column today.

Gaunty’s words have reached the ears of the Independent’s Matthew Norman. He quotes Guant:

“This whole thing about immigration and asylum, Labour are creating racism. I’m fucking not a racist. But I’m a realist. I don’t believe in the burka. Fuck you! If you come to our country, you shouldn’t wear the burka. When we go to Saudi Arabia, Lisa [Mrs Undaunted] won’t drive the car and she’ll cover herself up.”

As Norman notes, when the Gaunts have been to Saudi Arabia is not revealed. But should they go, Mrs Gaunt will pack accordingly.

And so to today’s Gaunt column. Says Gaunty: “Why does every news bulletin about Brit hero Lewis Hamilton have to go on about him being a role model and hero to black youth? I’m sorry but he’s mixed race.”

He’s right. Hamilton is no role model to black youth, who have little chance of ever driving a high-powered car without being pulled over by the police and accused of DWB (Driving While Black). He is more of a fantasy figure.

Of course, if Hamilton doesn’t want for his looks to matter – and in Gaunt’s Britain they don’t! – he can always cover them up in a burka…

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