Anorak News | Princess Diana Inquest Day 3632 AD (After Diana): Inside Suite 101

Princess Diana Inquest Day 3632 AD (After Diana): Inside Suite 101

by | 10th, October 2007

INSIDE the Princess Diana Suite, we journey with the Express.

Before we enter the “room where Diana and Dodi had last embrace”, we and the jurors must pass beneath the sign that says this is the Ritz Hotel, Paris.

We are “swept through the big revolving doors so familiar from the CCTV footage of Diana and Dodi’s last hours”.

The 11 good men and women true walk across carpets “so soft they could have been traipsing in marshmallow”. Or warm syrup.

The jurors peer into the Restaurant Vendome, “where expensive lunchers would later gather, murmuring together and sipping from glasses that sparkled like diamonds”.

The jurors walk up the stairs to a small foyer. Jurors may have taken the chance to flick back their hair in memory of Diana, or else throw their heads back and laugh long and loud.

But soon they reach the Room 101. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world. It is the Ministry of Love, which serves as The imperial Suite.

And then we are within. And it is splendid, a vision of gold and brown marble and more gold and more brown marble.

The bed covers are of an exclusive pattern, seemingly cut from the same cloth as the hotel’s owner Mohamed al Fayed’s shirts.

And we wonder if anyone else has put head on pillow since Diana and Dodi were here? Is this room left just as it was after they had departed and the chamber maids arrived to tidy up after that last embrace?

Will a press on the suite’s bedside telephone trigger the last number dialled by Diana to be recalled? And will the Harvey Nic’s getaway department answer?

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