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Princess Diana Inquest Day 3633 AD (After Diana): The War On Terror

by | 11th, October 2007

WAS Princess Diana a victim of the War on Terror?

In the Express, Antonio Lopes-Borges has yet to right a book about his experiences. But even more sensationally Lopes-Borges, one of the first witnesses at the crash scene, says he saw people milling around the entrance to the Alma tunnel, Paris.

“I was quite shocked to see pedestrians because normally there are just cars in the tunnel. It amazed me.”

He goes on: “There was the first car and there was a guy, who looked like an Egyptian, and he told us, can you please go back because there is going to be an explosion.”

What’s this? Might it be that rather then the British Establishment not wanting a Muslim in their midst, as Mohamed al Fayed attests, it was the Egyptians who frowned upon Christian Diana?

Says Lopes-Borges: “As we had already had terrorist attacks in Paris, I thought it could be a terrorist attack and I believe we could have an explosion there.”

In the Mirror, readers learn “it looked like terror attack”. So too in the Star, which links terrorism with the death of Diana.

It is all too marvellous. We wonder at the truth of it, and how terrorists don’t forget their manners even in the white heat of annihilation . As we say in the UK: “It’s a bombshell!”

And as they say in Paris: “May I please blow you up, sir”…

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