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Dear Prudence: Is That Heather Mills And Paul McCartney?

by | 12th, October 2007

THAT is Lady Heather Mills on the Mirror’s front cover. We who are versed in Mills’ Die Freuden Der Liebe, a study in Anglo-German relations and baby oil, know it to be her.

Others may mistake her for other beleaguered blondes in the news, namely Princess Diana and Kate McCann. But we can confirm that it is Heather and that she is blonde.

The Sun remains uncertain, however. It notes that ‘Heather’ arrived at London’s high court covered in a blanket.

And when inside the courtroom, chairs are pushed up against the door and the spy hole covered up with tape. The “giant wooden doors” are locked.

But it is Heather. We worked it out.

But in “WE CAN’T WORK IT OUT”, the Mirror says Mills and her estranged husband Paul McCartney have failed to reach a divorce settlement after eight hours of negotiations.

“They are still miles and miles apart,” says an insider.

But this is Paul McCartney, right? We’d recognise the man who told us that all you need is love anywhere?

He’s leaving the court. He’s flashing the crowd a ‘V’ for victory smile. He’s still got a shirt on his back. And he’s leading one and all in a spiritual rendition of Dear Prudence…

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