Anorak News | Princess Diana Inquest Day 3634 AD (After Diana): Pap Shots

Princess Diana Inquest Day 3634 AD (After Diana): Pap Shots

by | 12th, October 2007

Anorak’s round-up of the Princess Diana Inquest in the newspapers…

DAILY MAIL front page: “Diana: more new pictures of that final journey”

Pages 8 and 9: “Jury see Diana’s final moments”

The jury see paparazzi pictures of the Princess as she lay dying. The Mail produces police mugshots of the paparazzi at the scene. This is the Mail’s “ROGUES’ GALLERY”

Missing is a shot of snapper going by the name of Romuald Rat. Really

The pictures are “grim”. But are they useful in showing what happened to Diana?

David Laurent is in Paris with his family. He sees a “light-coloured” car “possibly a Fiat Uno” driving “extremely slowly” into the Alma tunnel

THE SUN pages 8 and 9: “INQUEST SEES HORRO PHOTOS. Diana lay dying, but they still took snaps”

Readers get to see some of the pictures taken by paps. Not the grim ones. Just important shots of Diana in a car, Diana seeming to “hide” from camera flashes, Diana leaving the hotel

DAILY MIRROR front page: “DIANA – Jury see her dying”

Pages 8 and 9: “DIANA DYING..but paprazzi took graphic shots rather than help save her and Dodi”

The pictures are “graphic”. The jurors looking at them are “stunned”. The pictures are “disturbing”. The Mirror does not show them. Instead it puts them into words. Diana is “crumbled”. She is “slumped on the floor with horrific injuries”. “Diana‘s distinctive blonde hair” makes her “easily recognisable”

“In another shot her white trouser leg is sticking up and backwards and dangling out of the back of the car”

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “Shocked jurors see photographs of dying Diana”

Page 5: “Jury sees paparazzi shots of Diana as she lay dying” – The images are “too horrific to be released”

Says Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker: “Although ordinarily everything that the jury hears and sees will go almost immediately ton the inquest website, these photographs will not go on the website for the reason that it is possible for photographs that have been pixilated to be unpixilated if they get into the wrong hands”

In one picture Diana “tried to shied her eyes with her hand”. The Express shows it. The shot was taken by Jacques Langevin, one of the Mail s “ROGUES”


THE GUARDIAN page 19: “Diana inquest jury sees paparazzi photographs of tunnel crash scene – Witnesses recall squealing tyres and crashing metal”

THE TIMES page 29: “Photographs of dying Princess shown to jury”

The pictures are “distressing”

Michael Mansfield, QC, representing Mohamed al Fayed, says to Inspector John Carpenter, of the Met Police: “It is perfectly clear from the photographs the jury has been through that the paparazzi who were present at the scene of the crash had no compunction about taking photographs of the victims both inside the car and being carried outside the car”

Carpenter replies: “None whatsoever”

Had she lived… Had Dodi lived… What price those pictures?

THE INDEPENDENT page 16: “Diana jury shown paparazzi photos”

DAILY TELEGRAPH front page: “Diana jury sees her dying moment”

Pages 14 and 15: “Jury is shown pictures of Diana’s final trip and paparazzi photos of her dying” – here’s a shot of Diana holding up her hands to avoid “the prying camera”; here’s a shot of Diana leaving the service entrance of the Ritz hotel; here’s a picture of Diana taken through her car window…

The full glare…

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