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Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Speaks, Bin Laden Sought And The Grassy Knoll

by | 13th, October 2007

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“The new head of the Madeleine McCann investigation is bringing in a team of CSI-style murder specialists to crack the case”

It’s time to let the actors lose on the case. CSI Praia da Luz

Clarence Mitchell says: “These are fresh eyes, for which they are grateful. The development is welcomed by the family. If the new team are experts in homicide then hopefully Mr Rebelo can eliminate Kate and Gerry as suspects”

How? Kate and Gerry McCann are suspects in the disappearance of their daughter who, according to speculation, has been abducted/killed/drowned/the victim of an accident and much more

DAILY MAIL: “Madeleine: ‘Arguido’ Murat begs police to clear him of suspicion”

Robert Murat tells BBC News: “It’s five months, my savings have gone, Mum is doing what she can, it is just very, very difficult”

His cousin Sally Eveleigh, who runs a guesthouse in Portugal, says:
“Five months down the line, he hasn’t heard from the police for three months, and there’s no evidence against him. He hasn’t seen his daughter for over five months. He has no finances now, all his savings are gone and he needs to rebuild his life, I mean, his life is on hold”

Can we have a whip round? Can the McCanns help?

DAILY MIRROR: “Leave me alone to find my daughter”

“Tormented Kate McCann” demands “Leave me alone to find my Madeleine”

“Desperate Kate” says: “Haven’t I suffered enough without all these new lies coming out?”

Well, not exactly the words of Kate McCann, rather her Kate’s mother-in-law Eileen McCann’s take on things.

Eileen says: “They are destroying Kate and they are destroying us. They are destroying Kate and they are destroying us. All Kate is asking for is to be left alone to continue searching for her daughter. We have seen her cry every night and every day for Madeleine. All she wants is to have her back. She still has hope. A piece of Kate’s heart has been torn away. It is very, very hard for her and we worry about how she is bearing up.

“It is a living nightmare…It is the ultimate nightmare. She looks so frail and so desperate and at times seems like a broken women. Behind closed doors she cries and cries”

Desperate stuff. But how does this insight advance the search for Madeleine?


“The body of missing Madeleine McCann could lie by the church where her parents prayed for her safe return”

We are back to Our Lady of Light chapel in Praia da Luz

And – get this: Police “spent part of yesterday examining a grassy knoll on the hillside site that was the resort’s cemetery before a new one was opened nearby”

Any who sees a battered white Fiat Uno should tell the authorities

THE SUN: CSI: “Portugal for Maddie cops”

“The appointments of four of the country’s most elite investigators – experts in murder, manslaughter and data cross-referencing – more than doubles the manpower on the team”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “New Madeleine McCann chief steps up hunt”

“There has also been a renewed police presence in Praia da Luz, with officers spotted on the beach, in the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared and around the Ocean Club complex where the McCanns and their friends stayed”

The police are stepping up their efforts?

Mark Williams-Thomas, a former Surrey Police child protection officer who worked on the Sarah Payne murder inquiry, says the new approach was ‘textbook’. Says he: “For a long time now the investigation has lacked direction and impetus and [Paulo] Rebelo has brought that back. You wonder why they didn’t bring him in earlier”

Mr Williams-Thomas is not working on the McCann case, just talking about it

Clarence Michelle says: “In a normal world, the results [of DNA test] would go back to police who would assess them and that would be it. In this twilight zone we are operating in, whatever comes back will be leaked and exaggerated and the McCanns are fearful about that.”

And: “They want developments like everyone else and if they are required to go back to assist with the inquiry then of course they will”

Well, they are named suspects

THE GUARDIAN: “After Madeleine, why not Bin Laden?”

“Danie Krugel is an ex-policeman in South Africa who believes he can pinpoint the location of missing people anywhere on the map. He does this by using his special magic box, which works through something to do with ‘quantum physics’, but you aren’t allowed to know any more than that: these are ‘complex and secret science techniques’, driven by a ‘secret energy source’ driving a ‘matter orientation system machine’. By simply popping a strand of the missing person’s hair – or some other source of DNA – into his box of tricks, Krugel can pinpoint that person’s location, anywhere”

Madeleine McCann: Danie Krugel Is The Locator

Krugel volunteered to help the McCanns. The McCanns sent him a strand of Madeleine’s hair. He knows where she is. Ben Goldacre wonders:

“It’s amazing, of course, and the military applications alone are incredible. Why not find Bin Laden, every house burglar in Britain, and Lord Lucan too? In fact, if it works, this machine is a guaranteed Nobel prize winner, and in the meantime, psychic debunker James Randi has a million dollar prize for anyone who can demonstrate paranormal powers like these. Krugel’s claims fit the bill perfectly. Why not use the device to locate Randi, and claim his million?”

So it works?

“Meanwhile here is Krugel in a South African documentary on his work finding missing children. ‘If you get a signature sample of something … let’s call it organic or non-organic … a very small sample. I have developed a method to use that small sample and to create data that I use to search for its origin. So you transmit and you receive.’
“Is there anything metaphysical involved? Are you psychic?” Krugel: “I’m a Christian and I put it clearly … this is science, science, science!”

And we await those DNA results

THE TIMES and THE INDEPENDENT: No Madeleine news today

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