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Madeleine McCann: The Observer, The Locator And Bloody Footprints

by | 14th, October 2007

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MAIL ON SUNDAY: “Madeleine: Bloody footprint found in McCanns’ apartment”

“A bloody footprint was found in Kate and Gerry McCann’s apartment, matching a print on their hire car, according to a forensic report” shown to the paper
“The existence of the two marks, which has never been revealed until today, is apparently at the heart of renewed suspicion that the couple were involved in their daughter’s disappearance”

So it’s her blood. This is rightly headline news…

“New tests carried out at the Forensic Science Service laboratory in Birmingham show there is a ‘moderate’ chance that the blood belonged to Madeleine. But the results are inconclusive”

So it might not be Madeleine’s blood. It could belong to anyone. Hold the front page. Too late…

Clarence Mitchell comments: “We simply cannot comment on unsubstantiated reports that touch on any evidence at the centre of this inquiry”

SUNDAY EXPRESS front page: “Bloody footprint clue to mystery of Madeline”


“Police have been told Kate KNEW instantly little Madeleine had been snatched because there was still a clear imprint of the youngster left in the unruffled bed sheets”

Says a..?

A source tells us: “People keep asking how did Kate know so quickly that Madeleine had been taken and not just walked out. But it’s obvious. When she put Maddie to bed the child was all tucked up around the shoulders, and when Kate realised she was gone all the sheets were still neatly in place.

“A child of that age wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed without moving a thing. Someone had clearly been in and carefully lifted her out. Kate realised that right away.

“This evidence must now refocus the police attention. Kate and Gerry should be released from their suspect status”

Because a “source” close to the suspect says so…


“Portuguese police are becoming increasingly convinced Madeleine McCann’s body was dumped at sea”

But the bloody footprint..?

“Last night nanny Charlotte Pennington told how she saw a sailor kicking at something in the hull of his vessel in Praia da Luz” two days after Madeleine went missing”

Says Charlotte: “I’m really pleased they are taking this seriously because it means they aren’t just looking at the McCanns as suspects”

A “source” says: “Whoever had the expertise to make Madeleine disappear from the flat also had the expertise to throw her into the sea”

Or take her to Morocco, Belgium, Spain etc…


It is an “EXCLUSIVE” (see Sunday Mirror above) Charlotte Pennington speaks out

“Little Madeleine McCann was dumped at sea hours after she was snatched from her family’s Portuguese holiday apartment, police believe”

“Cardiologist Gerry and GP Kate vigorously deny the police allegations against them” – the facts!

TAKING HEART: “Gerry and Kate McCann put on brave faces yesterday as they took their little twins to a special children’s service at their village church. They then returned to their £600,000 home nearby” – More facts!

THE TIMES: “McCann case detective faces ‘torture’ trial”

Tavares Almeida, who interviewed Kate McCann, is “one of three officers accused of beating Virgolino Borges, a railway worker, during nearly eight hours of interrogation”. Read more here

But he is only accused, and not proven guilty. He is a suspect

THE OBSERVER: “The readers’ editor on… DNA and the hunt for Madeleine”

The Guardian reports on Danie Krugel: The Locator –“It’s also disappointing that this appeared in the newspaper that was first to discount the wilder DNA theories that swirled around the Madeleine inquiry last month, theories that are now largely discredited”

McCANN Watch: In an article about, er, Gordon Brown, Mariella Fostrup works in The McCanns: “Does anyone remember St Diana, currently back in the headlines, being vilified as a loose cannon by all and sundry just weeks before her death led to her canonisation? How many times have Kate and Gerry McCann found themselves riding the metronome of public opinion back and forth between monsters and maligned victims?”

Enlightening stuff


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