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Global Warming: Defra Wants To Snatch Our Milk

by | 15th, October 2007

IN “Stop using fresh milk,” the Times notes that officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs propose that we stop buying fresh milk and use UHT (Utterly Horrible Taste) long-life milk.

This is part of a Government strategy to ensure that 90 per cent of milk on sale does not require refrigeration. Fresh milk needs refrigeration but refrigeration is bad.

And know that this is part of the “dairy road map”. Politics loves a road map. Tony Blair’s administration produced a “detailed road map” to the legalisation of drugs in Britain.

The Middle East has a road map. According to the US State Department it is a “performance-based and goal-driven roadmap, with clear phases, timelines, target dates and benchmarks aimed at progress through reciprocal steps by the two parties in the political, security, economic, humanitarian and institution-building fields”. It is a triumph of democracy imposed from overseas with a goal already established.

Over in the barn, the dairy industry will deliver a tangible quid pro quo that dairy farmers will go the way of the Belgians, where 96.7 per cent of all milk sold is UHT.

Of course, market forces may yet prevail and we will hunt out fresh milk, paying a premium for it, making it an exclusive drink for the landed gentry and non-doms.

And Gordon Brown will tuly be the heir to Margaret Thatcher – milk snatcher.

Oh, brave new world…

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