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Madeleine McCann: Russian Mafia, Paedo Pics, Richard Branson PI

by | 16th, October 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “Madeleine: Kidnap link to Russian mafia gang”

Page 7: “Madeleine may have been kidnapped by an international paedophile network
Linked to Russia and lawless former Soviet states”

Any evidence?

Says an “expert”: “They especially target blonde children and there are strong grounds to believe that Madeleine might well be a victim” – She blonde; she’s a child; she’s a blonde child; etc.

Says a source: “Madeleine is a pretty blonde child who unfortunately fits the profile of these evil perverts”

As the Express notes: “The Algarve has a growing Russian community” – Such is the evidence


Page 9: “NO SIGN OF MADDIE IN PAEDO PICS” – Portuguese police have looked through the pictures seized in Operation Predator and fond no shots of Madeleine

Says a source close to the McCanns: “They’re town between relief that she’s not in the clutches of a paedophile ring and dismay thaty the investigation has hit another brickcwall”

“Blonde in coat hunted by cops” – A blonde women in a coat was seen “lurking” outside the McCanns holiday appartment. Who is she? There i talk of a “child sex gang”

DAILY MAIL page 19: “Child porn police draw a blank in hunt for Maddie”

The McCanns are “both doctors”

Comments Clarence Mitchell: “We are unable to comment on anything that goes to the heart of this investigation.” But: “However it does sound as if one avenue of investigation has been closed”


DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Richard Branson defends Madeleine’s parents”

Branson has already donated £100,000 to help fund Gerry and Kate McCann’s legal team.

Says he on NBC’s Today Show: “Imagine your child gets stolen from you, you go through all the hell that comes with that, then when the Portuguese police cannot find the person who has stolen it they (sources) start placing stories in the press, each one of which is shown to be unfounded a week or two later but by then they have spread around the world”


“They had no proper legal representation and so I felt it was important they got the top Portuguese and British lawyer on board so that they could get the truth out

“I think over the last month since that has happened the tide has turned and people generally accept around the world that the Portuguese police and press overstepped their mark”

A child is missing…

THE GUARDIAN, THE INDEPENDENT, THE TIMES and DAILY MIRROR (a first): No Madeleine news today

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