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Global Warming: Joanna Lumley Says Meat Will Murder Us All In The Times

by | 16th, October 2007

GLOBAL warming is killing us all. Killing the polar bears. We need help. And who does the Times turn to? Why actress Joanna Lumley, naturally.

“I prefer not to eat food that has a face,” says Joanna, turning away from our proffered packet of Jelly Babies.

“But many of my nearest and dearest love their meat, and who am I to ask them not to eat so much of it? Until now, that is?”

What changed, Joanna? Says she: “Studies in Europe, America and Japan have shown that the more meat in your diet, the greater the global warming potential and the lower its energy efficiency in your body.”

A fact! And another fact: “Producing your average Sunday joint of roast beef results in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving from London to Manchester.”

Lumley advocates a “couple of meat free days a week” and suggests eating one lamb chop not two; never driving to Manchester on an empty stomach; and “maybe substituting daily milk and cream with equivalents made from soya beans or oats”.

As a vegetarian, Lumley is well placed to speak about how the rest of us should eat meat.

(For future reference, though, Lumley should also know that lamb chops do not have a face but are made of meat taken from the animal’s sides. Although an arrangement of carrots batons (lips), peas (eyes) and broccoli (hair) can produce a face-like tableau.)

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