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Madeleine McCann: News From Portugal

by | 17th, October 2007

MADELEINE McCann – news from Portugal:

PJ request to Leicester Police: It’s urgent to question again the McCann friends

Paulo Rebelo, the new man in charge of the PJ detective’s team investigating Madeleine’s disappearance send [sic] a letter to Leicester Police, making clear that it’s necessary, for the investigation to move forward, to have the results of a new questioning of the McCann friends. Portuguese police asked, since more than one week, for some of the couples that were with the McCann, at Tapas Bar, to be subject to another police interrogation, with a new set of questions that were sent to Leicester, according to sources close to the case.

The results of that questioning are considered important to allow PJ to go further in the investigation, now that the analysis of the final – and official – report from Forensic Science Service is almost finished. Mr. Rebelo’s team, with the help of forensic experts, spend the last days going through the many pages of the report – which doesn’t include any samples related to a bloody footprint found at the McCann apartment, as some British newspapers referred, recently.

Another task that is almost finished, according to the same sources, is the review of other lines of inquiry. The “new searches” revealed by British Media (including police divers who already started to scour the Bravura reservoir, on October 15, according to Sky News) didn’t take place. PJ experts have analysed the dossier, going through the many statements and evidence collected but, until now, there is no indication that those other lines of inquiry justify any new initiative, like searches in specific areas. Meanwhile, PJ has informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office that the case may have new developments, soon, and specific requests can me made, at any moment, in the following days.

Source: Gazeta

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