Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann Not Busted, Gerry’s Computer And Dead DNA

Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann Not Busted, Gerry’s Computer And Dead DNA

by | 17th, October 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

THE SUN front page: “MADDIE SENSATION – COPS SEIZE GERRY’S COMPUTER. Swoop as he says: “She may be dead”

Not Gerry McCann’s home computer, rather one he used while in Portugal

Page 5: “PROBE ON PC” – The computer is said to have been “hired” (the Sun’s quotation marks) by “cardiologist” Gerry. Thrillingly, the computer “could contain correspondence with high-profile supporters such as David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson and JK Rowling”

“Kate’s mum: She’s being persecuted for looking like a waif” – “Waif-like” Kate McCann’s mother Susan Healy hears her daughter tell her: “If I weighed another 2st, had a bigger bosom and looked more maternal people would be more sympathetic”

Can she try?

Says Susan: “She has always had that kind of build and has never carried any weight”

Skinny-mum syndrome (look out for it in the Express)


Page 6: “PERSECUTION OF MY KATE” – “Pencil-thin” Kate is fells persecuted.

Says Susan: “Kate and Gerry are as innocent as you or I”

Well, not you, obviously

Says Susan’s husband Brian: “I have heard nothing yet to convince me that Madeleine is not still alive”

“’MADDY PROBABLY DEAD’” – Says Clarence Mitchell: “Gerry and Kate are realistic enough to know there’s a probability she is dead”

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE – PARENTS CAR HID A CORPSE. It was under carpet in boot say police”

“Bodily fluids” have been found in the Renault Scenic used by the McCanns in Portugal. Says a source: “These are bodily fluids that could only come from a corpse. Police are waiting for the results to confirm the identity of the DNA

More DNA. More tests. More talk about DNA tests

Pages 2 and 3: Says a source, they are “innocent. And: “If evidence like this had been found the implications would be serious. Let’s just say they would not be sitting at their home in Leicestershire”

Comments Clarence Mitchell: “We simply cannot comment on unsubstantiated reports”

“She probably IS dead, say parents”. Kate and Gerry are “anguished”. Clarence Mitchell says Kate and Gerry believe Madeleine is “out there and may still be alive”. Or dead

“New hunt for body of Madeleine in massive Wilderness Reservoir” – Police at the Barragem da Bravura

Page 4: “Madeleine mother: People would show more sympathy if I had a bigger bosom”


Page 9: “CORPSE ‘WAS HIDDEN IN McCANN HIRE CAR – ‘Body is boot’ DNA shocker”

“Poster bid for clues” – The McCanns have launched a new drive to find their daughter. Posters. The letter Os have been turned into Madeleine’s distinctive eye. Brand McCann. Have you see her?

“Sick Maddie gag” – Channel 4’s Bremner, Bird and Fortune made a joke, saying Gordon Brown would find Madeleine on the eve of a general election

DAILY MAIL front page: “KATE McCANN – I’m persecuted for not looking like a mother”

Page 5: “Kate ‘is persecuted for not looking like a typical mother’” – She is not in a typical situation

Says Susan Healy: “she is a very sensitive, caring person and one of the most maternal people I know – she puts me to shame”

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 13: “Parents were naïve to leave Madeleine alone”

Says Susan Healy: Her daughter and son-in-law had acting “out of naivety” in leaving their children alone while they went to dinner

THE TIMES page 13: “Why I’m being persecuted, by Kate McCann”

Not quite the interview the headline alludes to. Just more words on Kate McCann’s slimness
THE INDEPENDENT and THE GUARDIAN: No Madeleine news today

Picture: T-shirt available in sizes 3-4 (scaring the children)

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