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President 2008: Hillary Clinton Is Ready For Action

by | 17th, October 2007

RACE for the White House – Hillary Clinton is on:

America’s presidential hopefuls are using every trick in the book to get their message out. And it seems they’ve decided gimmicks and gags work far better than boring old party political broadcasts.Take this Pro-Hillary Rob Reiner ad for example. It urges Hill’s supporters to get behind their candidate without boring the rest of us to tears. It’s entertaining enough to ping around the interweb. And even though Hillary doesn’t make an appearance, the viewer still credits her with having the good humor to let it pass.

And Hillary isn’t the only one. Here’s Republican Bill Richardson telling voters all of his credentials in under 80 seconds without sounding like a politician. It’s the sketch show approach to politics. And it appears to be working. Richardson’s video has been viewed almost a quarter of a million times.

These are just a couple of the videos that are piling on top of earlier hits like Hillary’s Sopranos parody, Obama girl and Giuliani girl.

Imagine if pols in Russia and Britain used the same tactics for their campaign. Mobster lookalike Vladimir Putin could do a Sopranos parody that would put Hillary Clinton to shame. And the Tories could call on public school girls to entice voters with a Cameroony Girls Gone Wild video.And then there are the gimmicks: web users voted for Hillary’s campaign theme tune, the residents of Columbus, Ky (pop. 229) won a visit from John Edwards in a web competition, and Mitt Romney has combined gimmicks with videos by holding a “make your own ad contest” which was won by a 23-year-old college student from Utah.

The ad “Ready for Action” was supposed to debut the first week in October, but we couldn’t find it anywhere online. Could it have anything to do with the result you get when you type ”

Ready for Action” into YouTube’s search bar? Hardly the kind of thing that appeals to conservative Americans (unless they’re in the privacy of their own airport toilet cubicle).

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