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The Stephen Colbert Report: Son Of Appalachian Turd Miner Runs For President

by | 18th, October 2007

It’s the American dream: the son of an Appalachian turd miner and grandson of a goat ball licker, running for President of the United States…in South Carolina.Yes folks, the Democrats and Republicans could have a fight on their hands in one of the oldest states in the Union. Comedy Central TV showman Stephen Colbert is running for president. And he’s threatening to do it on both the Republican and the Democrat ticket.

Colbert announced that he was considering a run on the Daily Show, Tuesday evening. Half an hour later, on his own show, The Colbert Report he announced he would definitely run…though only in his home state.South Carolina Republicans are brushing off the threat. The party’s state chairman told the New York Times that Colbert would have to pay a $35,000 filing fee to get on the ballot there: “My advice is that he could probably have more fun buying a sports car and getting a girlfriend,” he said.

But state Democrats are being a little less prickly. All Colbert needs to do to get on the Democratic ballot in South Carolina is pay a $2,500 filing fee or present 3,000 signatures before November 1. The last, and possibly most difficult hurdle, would be to obtain the blessing of the state party’s 20-member executive council.

The Democrats could be put off if Colbert decides to run on both tickets as he threatened during his announcement. But if he balks at the $35,000 Republican fee and jumps on the Democratic ballot, the South Carolina primary on January 26 could be pretty interesting.

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