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McLaren’s Mules, Cook’s Chockers And Rugby Balls

by | 18th, October 2007

STEVE McClaren pays the penalty for England’s defeat to Russia by having his face morphed in a rugby ball on the Sun’s front page.

This is “MAC’S ENGLAND DISASTER”. We should “KICK HIM INTO TOUCH.” Why can’t England’s XI be more like the rugby XV, playing two or three great games every four years with qualification to the World Cup guaranteed?

“Now rugby gods must lift nation,” says the Sun’s front page. “HOW DID IT COME TO THIS?”

There is the complex answer, one that takes in grassroots football, the popularity of the game beyond former British colonies, a Moscow pitch made from carpet removed from Lada Zhiguli’s. (And a penalty given outside the box – see picture.)

And there is the simple answer: Steve McLaren. “MAC UNDER ATTACK FOR OUR EURO FLOP,” says the Sun. He is to blame for “41 YEARS OF HURT”.

The Sun recalls English losers past: Bobby Robson’s “clots” (who went to lose the semi-final of the World Cup in cruel fashion), Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ (do mention the war), “turnip Graham Taylor’s vegetables and Kevin Keegan’s “mob”.

Losers to a man.

And now we’ve got “MOSCOW MULES” (Mirror). McClaren’s Muppets.
Rugby fans may recall Geoff Cook’s Chockers (1991) and Jack Rowell’s Rabbits. But, as the rugby mad Star says on its front page (“FREE Topless Lucy rugby poster inside”)

“OK, we lost the footie but..Come on England! Let’s smack the Springboks.”

All together: “Three points on the board, Jonny’s still gleaming…”

Pic: The Spine

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