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Rebecca Aguilar Shows Her Bass Eye On American TV

by | 18th, October 2007

REBECCA Aguilar works for KDFW in Dallas. Here she is going about her business, letting the victim tell his side of the story.

She tells us: “I knew I wanted to help people when I was about 10 years old.” She is on the side of the little man in the street. She has won an award for her work. And here she is auditioning for Brass Eye:

As one commentator out it: “Someone needs to smack Rebecca Aguilar. Figuratively speaking, of course. Are you kidding me? This is her idea of journalism? Ambushing a 70-year-old man who has been through life-and-death twice in three weeks? ‘Are you a trigger happy kind of person? Is that what what you wanted to do? Shoot to kill?’… I notice, Rebecca Aguilar…that your report conveniently neglects to mention the man lives at the place of business where the two burglars broke in. Wonder why you left that out?”

Is her umbrella as loaded as her questions?

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