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Princess Diana Inquest: The Ring Of Truth

by | 19th, October 2007

“THE PROOF DIANA WAS GETTING ENGAGED?” The Mail is at the Diana inquest and experiences a “sensational new twist”.

Was the £11,600 knuckleduster Dodi Fayed bought meant as an engagement ring, what the receipt FROM Alberto Repossi’s Paris jewellers terms a “bague financaille”? The jurors look on as Dodi purchases the jewel of the Dis-moi oui – ‘Tell me yes’ – range.

The paper calls it the “Riddle of the diamond ring”. And indeed it is a puzzle. Why would the son of a billionaire buy a ring costing just £11,000 for his celebrity lover?

Words like “riddle” and “sensation” are tabloid currency with a value right up there with Turkish lira. But here they have real worth. Was this really what Dodi Fayed was going to give Diana?

Or was it just a token, make-do trinket until the real rock could be excavated and shined?

And if he just wanted any old ring, why not have a Celtic Cross Ring dispatched from his father corner shop at a cost of £139 plus postage and package?

Riddle. Sensation. Both.

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