Anorak News | Merlin Helicopter ‘Communicates’ With Au Pair In High Court

Merlin Helicopter ‘Communicates’ With Au Pair In High Court

by | 19th, October 2007

THE poverty of the Armed Forces munitions is impacting upon life in Eastbourne and the airspace overhead.

As the Mail reports, it is alleged that a military helicopter did fly over the glass roof of Barry and Anna George’s home and cause £250,000 in damages to their conservatory, an award-winning construction that won an architectural prize in 2000.

It is said at the High Court that the four servicemen in the Merlin helicopter did fly to a height of 500ft or lower to, as the Georges’ brief puts it, “communicate” with the family au pair who was sunbathing.

Judge Jonathan Foster, QC, calls the incident an “alleged frolic”. The MoD’s brief says “a helicopter flying at 500ft or above could not have caused the damage”.

So how high was it flying? Sadly, the piece of equipment that measures the height at which the Merlin was flying was not working at the time.

Which would sound like bad luck were it not part of a sorry tale of melting boots, non-firing guns and night goggles that fail to look through the chink in an insurgent’s curtains to any degree of satisfaction…

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