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Jules Segal And Michael Kritharis Visit The 500

by | 17th, October 2007

NOT content with trying to meet, or perhaps that should be ‘stalk’, the high and mighty of this country and members of the British glitterati, two young men will soon be crossing the Atlantic to try and do the same in the good old US of A.

Jules Segal and Michael Kritharis, both of North London, made a bet following an argument in a pub a year or two ago about whether British Celebrities were, in this day and age, self-serving, miserable and devoid of any altruistic tendencies at all, or whether they were in fact full of the milk of human kindness.

Segal believed that fame didn’t preclude one from being a decent human being and that if he were to write to 500 well-known British personalities, many of them would agree to met him for no reason whatsoever, merely to shake his hand. His freind laughed in his face and the bet was struck, with forfeits to the loser including swimming naked of Brighton pier, cleaning the other’s flat for a year and sticking an arm up a cow’s backside.

Well having undertaking this challenge, shaken some famous hands, and even having had a book about these ridiculous exploits – “Greeting the 500 (an idiot’s bet)” – published recently, the two buffoons are now to make their way to the States early next year to attempt to see whether the likes of Britney Spears, Bill Clinton and Tom Hanks will spare either of them some of their precious time.

According to Segal “This time the bet will be slightly different. Michael will be getting off his lazy rump and will be forced to try and meet some of them as well, as we will each be drawing the names of 250 famous Americans out of a hat. It’s all for a bit of fun and hopefully we’ll raise some more money for worthy causes”

In addition, it seems that members of the public can also get in on the act as the two of them have set up a group on the social networking website Facebook where the list of 500 Americans will be formulated.

Called “Name me 5 Famous Americans – Greeting the 500 USA”, anyone joining this Facebook group will be allowed to name 5 individuals that they would like to see the two of them trying to meet, and the 500 most frequently mentioned names by December 31st this year will make the cut.

According to the website, the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and oddly enough Gary Coleman (who played Arnold in the 80’s TV Show Diff’rent Strokes) are all riding high at the moment, but with the likes of Kiefer Sutherland, Paris Hilton, OJ Simpson and even notorious murderer Chales Manson having numerous mentions already, perhaps the challenge should be re-named, ‘Visiting the 500 Penitentiaries’.

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