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Global Warming: Polar Bear Watch On Arctic Report Card

by | 19th, October 2007

GLOBAL warming is good news for polar bars. At least it would be if they had agents. As ever the Independent illustrates its story that ice (cold) melts under sun (hot) with a picture of polar bears.

The rule of global warming reporting dictates that one polar bear must be large and the other small, preferably not being eaten by the larger. The bears should not be seen eating a seal, because while less polar bears may be good news for seals, the mantra of Arctic melt permits no positives.

Today’s polar bears are walking on a patch of ice and being employed to illustrate the “Artic Report Card”.

The lesson we should take home is that there has been a “stabilisation in warming” but warming as a whole continued in 2007.

A Richard Spinard, assistant administrator at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (nation unspecified), which produced the report, says: “The bottom line is we are seeing some rapid changes in the Arctic.”

Yes, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. Not to be confused with the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, the US Army’s Cold Region Research and Engineering Laboratory or the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme, all of which are mentioned in the article.

No picture of any scientist is supplied, and it thought that until one endangered by extinction can be found – and this is highly unlikely (see above) – readers will have to make do…

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