Anorak News | Amy Winehouse Looks Like Someone On Drugs In Norway

Amy Winehouse Looks Like Someone On Drugs In Norway

by | 20th, October 2007

“WINO IS USED BY COPS FOR DRUGGIE TRAINING,” says the Sun on the matter of Amy Winehouse’s arrest at the Radisson SAS, Bergen, Norway.

The paper holds its nose as guests hotel in Bergen complain about the whiff of “weed” from the Winehouse room.

Police arrive. Blake Fielder-Civil, a man so edgy even his name sounds like a provincial solicitors’ practice, and one Alexander Foden are pinched. It is 7pm. In the Mirror it is “around 5pm”. Drugs can mess with your sense of time.

The Sun’s women in the corridor notes: “I’m told it looked like a scene from action movie Lethal Weapon.”

No experts in Norwigian crime, we wonder at the rightness of employing an LA cop with suicidal tendencies and his American sidekick to arrest the star. Might it be that Norway is not versed in celebrity and needs to call in the professionals?

“Spliffs,” says the Sun. A source says: “They are very strict about drug taking in Norway. With her past record they thought there was more than just a couple of spliffs. When she opened the hotel room door it was obvious she was wasted. She was mumbling and no one could understand her. She was co-operative and even let an officer in training look in her eyes so he could recognise how a person high on drugs looks.”

Norwegian police now know that a person “high” on drugs has a backcombed, enhanced beehive, a pair of breasts drawn in her arm and a concert tour to promote…

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