Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Enright In Hiding, Lord Stevens Deduces And Antonio Teixeira On Homicide

Madeleine McCann: Enright In Hiding, Lord Stevens Deduces And Antonio Teixeira On Homicide

by | 21st, October 2007

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No small development. Gerry McCanns returns to work…

Or not. “Police are poised to protect heart surgeon Gerry McCann when he makes an emotional return to work.” That’s right – Gerry McCann is a “consultant cardiologist”

“However Kate, 39, who worked part-time as a locum GP, has said in the past that she is unable to contemplate working again while her daughter remains missing”. Indeed. Kate is a “GP”

MAIL ON SUNDAY: “Madeleine: New police chief’s anger at mess he inherited”

Paulo Rebelo is the new broom. A police source quoted in a Portuguese newspaper says: “There was important material lying all over the place that hadn’t been considered by investigators. A lot of key information was discarded. The whole process is being reviewed. Putting all the papers in order has been a massive task”

Rebelo, “previously involved in investigating a Lisbon paedophile ring”, has taken on Antonio Teixeira, a 59-year-old murder squad detective

Teixeira once said: “Homicide is a crime we’re all capable of committing.” A colleague says:  “By bringing him onto the case, the police are sending out a clear sign that the main lead as far as they concerned is homicide”

“’NO chance the McCanns would be charged with murder in the UK,’ writes Britain’s former top cop” – Former Metropolitan Police chief Lord Stevens is raising his media profile

Says he: “I’ve been a detective at the most senior level for 30 years and have never seen such a witch-hunt, or one based on such flimsy evidence”

Has he seen all the evidence?

NEWS OF THE WORLD: “Maddie’s parents are INNOCENT. I do not think they did it. It doesn’t make sense”

It’s Stevens formerly of the Met once again. He tells us: “There’s absolutely no chance that the parents of Madeleine McCann would be charged with her murder in this country.

“It would be an outrageous miscarriage of justice if they were. I don’t say that from any feelings of sympathy for Kate and Gerry McCann, but from examining the facts of the case — or rather, the total LACK of them.

“I’ve been a detective at the most senior level for 30 years and have never seen such a witch-hunt, or one based on such flimsy evidence”

Stevens looks only at the facts: “They’re both highly professional medics, one a surgeon the other a GP.” These are the facts. And that Madeleine is missing. Stevens, now retired and known as Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington is 6ft 3in


“Horrified Kate and Gerry McCann were incandescent with rage last night after cops were accused of a catalogue of incompetence in the hunt for their missing daughter Madeleine”

Anger issues?

“Insiders claim vital evidence was ditched by boozy officers and crucial documents were ignored”

Says Clarence Mitchell: “We’d be very concerned to hear all the information in the police’s hands has not been properly or effectively co-ordinated or collated. If Mr Rebelo is strengthening their system that’s all to the good”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Booker winner who misread the McCanns”

Anne Enright, Booker prize winner, has made comment son Gerry and Kate McCanns. Liz hutn has read them: “Kate McCann’s face and figure have always been a factor in this story. Indeed, the only obstacle to a new picture of Kate making the front pages is a new CCTV grab of another tortured blonde in another ongoing soap opera, The Diana Inquest. The camera loves them both”

So too the press…

Hunt reads Enright’s words and concludes: “For Kate to be derided for her composure, and Gerry for his courage in public, or to suggest, as Enright does, that it masks guilt and denial, is despicable. And it won’t do much for the sales of her prize-winning novel, either”

IRISH INDEPENDENT: “Booker winner ‘lost for words’ – Anne Enright remains silent in controversy over McCanns article”

“By Thursday, Ms Enright appeared to have gone into hiding. She was not to be found at her home in Bray, Co Wicklow, and several agreed media engagements were cancelled”

Where is she? Why, on a reading tour in the US

THE TIMES: “Too serence for sympathy”

“After an astonishing attack on the family by the winner of the Booker prize and Kate’s suggestion that people don’t sympathise with her because she doesn’t look maternal enough, our correpsondent asks why some people find it so easy to dislike the McCanns”

The Times is on the case

Margarette Driscoll looks at the evidence and tells us: “But if she thinks people don’t like her because she does not appear sufficiently maternal, she’s way off beam. This is the age of the yummy mummy and in those stakes McCann, who looks as though she could be Sienna Miller’s older sister, is queen. It is her coolness of her manner that repels, not her skinniness, nor her careful choice of jewellery”

And her shoes?

THE GUARDIAN: “McCanns ‘victims of a witch-hunt’” – More opinion from the ex-copper’s copper Stevens

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