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Four Types Of Immigration: Blue Card

by | 24th, October 2007

AS Tim notes: There’s really only four types of immigration.

1) From other EU countries. In law, we can do nothing to change this, as all EU citizens have an absolute right to live in any EU country.

2) Asylum seekers. Not a lot we can do as asylum is governed by UN measures.

3) Family reconciliation. This we can change if we should so wish. It would be instantly decried as racist (on pretty good grounds as well).

4) Primary migration from outside the EU. This is currently something which the UK does control. It’s pretty small as compared to 1 and 3 but it is something which the UK Govt controls.

For the moment:

A single European work visa, to be known as a Blue Card, will be introduced alongside a global advertising campaign to attract thousands of “highly skilled” migrants, EU officials announced yesterday.

The visas, coloured blue to match the EU flag, are intended to rival the American Green Card by offering permanent residency anywhere in Europe after five years’ work.

The card will be targeted at qualified migrants who will be able to bring their families with them after a 90-day application period as part of a programme to meet an estimated short-fall of 20 million skilled and non-skilled workers by 2030.

“We will have a shortage of labour in the future and this is already true of some sectors,” said José Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President, announcing details in Strasbourg yesterday. Plans for a common EU approach to non-skilled workers are also in the pipeline to combat illegal immigration.

Of course, the Govt says that it has an opt out from this: one that actually means nothing as once someone is in the EU and legally so for two years then they can move anywhere else in the EU.

I’ve no worries about the actual meat of the program: it’s a points based one just as Canada or Australia run. Rather this is a heads up to all of those who do worry about immigration. If you actually want to be able to do anything about it, you have to understand that the only way that anything can be done is by leaving the EU.


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