Anorak News | Princess Diana Inquest Day 3647 AD (After Diana): Morel’s Chestnut

Princess Diana Inquest Day 3647 AD (After Diana): Morel’s Chestnut

by | 25th, October 2007

“PRINCESS Diana and Dodi Fayed were killed by the secret service – because a man in cowboy boots was in the Paris tunnel when they died.”

“DI COWBOY PLOT,” says the Sun’s headline.

Jacques Morel is addressing the High Court. (Wait your turn; they’ll get to you.)

Morel is a music writer. He has yet to pen a tune about Diana, but let us not rule it out. For now he plans only a book. The Princess inspires each of us in different ways, some write books, some write police reports, some write Daily Express headlines.

For an idea what shape the libretto ‘One Saint In Three Acts’ may take, Mr Morel describes seeing a man stood some place unspecified wearing cowboy boots. On his feet. The man is “about 30, solid build, with a moustache… a bit like a beer drinker in Ireland.”

Mr Morel distinctly recalls this man because he stood on his boots. We have not visited many Irish clubs and pubs and cannot say for certain if the foot stand is an approved move, a summons to gentlemanly action in the conveniences. Mr Morel’s view of the typical Irishman has perhaps been shaped news of Dublin’s Rainbow Café Lounge, Pogue Mahone Saunal” and the Up For The Craic cabaret show.
Mr Morel is French…

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