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Global Warming: Polar Bear Watch With Arne Naevra

by | 25th, October 2007

GLOBAL warming update and Anorak’s Polar Bear Watch notices the Express’s picture.

Today’s polar bear is not ripping the head from a curious seal nor is it gutting its young, rather it is sat atop a small chuck of ice. “COOL,” says the caption, “a bear takes to the ice.”

This picture was taken by Arne Naevra and has been “highly praised” in the Shell Wildlife Photograph of the Year 2007 contest. (To Al Goreans, there will be no small irony in an image of a polar bear featuring in a contest sponsored by Shell, an oil company and thus one of the horsepower men of the apocalypse.)

The polar bear was not intended to illustrate global warming but the Express notes that “this striking image encapsulates the perils facing an endangered species that is still clinging to life in the face of global warming”.

Says the Guardian: “On a summer night, sailing on a small cruise ship east of Barentsöya island, in the Svalbard archipelago, Naevra spotted a young polar bear perched on the top of what appeared to be a sinking iceberg.”

Then: “This image is not about composition or magical light,” says Klaus Nigge, one of the judges which awarded the photograph runner-up position in the One Earth Award category. “It is the simplicity of the message: the last polar bear on the last piece of ice in a time of global warming.”

It’s summer in the Arctic. Come on in, the water’s lovely…

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