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Madeleine McCann: A Big Secret, Jane Tanner’s Friend And Moroccan Paedos

by | 28th, October 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann




Stalker takes time out from advertising burglar alarms on telly to tell us: “I have watched the investigation into the Madeleine McCann case drag out for six months. One thing above all worries me: Why have the McCanns and the seven other members of their group – the Tapas Nine – remained so silent?”
Is he saying..?

“I don’t believe for one minute that Kate and Gerry McCann or their friends are capable or guilty of having murdered the four-year-old. My gut instinct is that some big secret is probably being covered up”

A retired copper’s copper’s instinct is now front-page news. Such is weight of evidence
So who dunnit?

MAIL ON SUNDAY: “McCanns face agonising wait to clear their names”
Kate and Gerry CMCann could be made to wait up to a year to see details of the Portuguese police case against them

Carlos Anjos, chairman of the Union of Portuguese Detectives, says of the drawing released by the McCanns of the man seen by their friend Jane Tanner: “It’s a simple cartoon that anyone could come up with. It’s no e-fit nor does it have anyone’s approval. This simply does not exist.”


“Jane Tanner is haunted by the image of a man ‘striding urgently’ away from the McCanns’ apartment with a barefooted child slumped in his arms”

She tells a friend: “I never in a million years would have imagined that it was Maddie being carried away. The first thing that raced into my head after finding out she was missing was this person I’d seen”

Says Jane Tanner’s unnamed friend: “It was about 9.15pm when Jane saw the man. She said that although he looked a bit odd and the child he was carrying had bare feet on a cold night, she never in a million years thought it could have been Maddie. You see a lot of people taking children to and from a nearby creche around there…

“Suddenly this man scoots across in front of her with the child, which she thinks is a bit strange because the child was in pyjamas and had no shoes or socks on. He wasn’t running, he wasn’t walking, but he was striding. It was like an urgent walk”

Then, says Jane Tanner’s unnamed friend:

“Jane finished her meal and went up to the apartment straight away to see her daughter. Around 10 or 15 minutes later, Kate discovered that Madeleine was gone.
“Jane heard shouting outside…The first thing that came into Jane’s head was this person she’d seen. She felt complete horror. Kate was screaming ‘She’s gone, she’s gone’ and there was a huge panic”

What Kate was screaming…

NEWS OF THE WORLD: “MADDIE SNATCHED TO ORDER – Detectives claim it was paedo plot”

“Today we sensationally reveal the renowned Spanish Metodo 3 detective agency—hired by parents Kate and Gerry—believe the four-year-old was targeted after a tip-off from INSIDE their Portuguese holiday complex”


“Distraught Kate and Gerry McCann are coming to terms with the sickening thought that missing daughter Maddie is in the hands of a gang of Moroccan paedophiles.” Madeleine was “spirited away to feed North Africa’s sick child sex industry”
The paper “has also discovered the private investigators now believe the kidnapper:

  * POUNCED after being TIPPED OFF by an insider at the resort that a young blonde Western girl was there,
* SPIED on the family for days plotting their movements and waiting for the right moment,
* SNATCHED Maddie in a tight eight-minute window of opportunity,
* PASSED her to a paedophile network in Morocco where she has been sold on to other pervert gangs”

Metodo 3 managing director Francisco Marco, says: “I’m certain Madeleine was kidnapped. And I’m also sure her parents had nothing to do with her disappearance. My own view is the most likely place to find her is Morocco. We’re working very hard on all information indicating that. But I stress that we are following up EVERYTHING”
When you are being paid, it’s best to be professional and check and recheck every fact; best not to investigate your employees

DAILY STAR ON SUNDAY front page: “MADDIE – Cops fit panic buttons in the McCanns’ home”

A picture of Gerry McCann on first glance throwing a child onto a skip; on second look, pushing a child on a swing

MADDIE: THE DEATH THREATS – “Heart specialist Gerry” and “GP Kate” have an a alarm fitted

Gerry is returning to work on Thursday and Kate “will be alone in the house with two-year old twins Sean and Amelie”. Or else with her parents, sister and media team, while paparazzi and hacks stand around the front and back of the house


“Agonisingly for the couple, it could be 15 YEARS before the prosecution case is ‘archived’”

SUNDAY TIMES: “McCann friend is certain she saw abduction”

Jane Tanner sees. “When she was formally interviewed by police at 3am that night, Tanner realised that the pyjamas on the child she had seen were an exact match with Madeleine’s”

SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY: “Crying shame to see McCanns judged with poison not pity”

“So, at last, she wept. But the tears of a bereft mother did not impress the hard-hearted and nasty-minded, who had already condemned Kate McCann and her husband Gerry. For them, her breakdown on TV last week was too little, too late – and was it stage-managed?”

OBSERVER: “It is not only the Madeleine McCann case that highlights the perils of exotic holidays”

“The case of ‘Marco’ is as big in Germany as ‘Madeleine’ is here. Yet we hear virtually nothing of it, even though the key to this mystery lies in Britain

“Marco Weiss, 17, has languished without trial since April in a Turkish prison cell crammed with 30 inmates after allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old English girl, ‘Charlotte M’. And while his case will hardly tug at British heartstrings like the missing English child has, it shows how criminal cases can provoke international fissure”

More to follow… 

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