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Global Warming: War Is Good For The Environment

by | 28th, October 2007

REPORTS the Guardian: “Call to use leftovers and cut food waste. Return to wartime values and reduce emissions, say campaigners.”

Why not just return to war? If the people won’t listen, let the knowing declare war upon their sorry heads. If they listen, hurrah! If they don’t, then so be it; less people means less CO2 emissions. It is win-win.

Research by the government’s waste reduction agency, Wrap, found that “one third of all food bought in Britain is thrown away – of which half is edible”.

How Wrap knows this is unsaid, but for some time a team of Government-sponsored “bin divers” have been touring shopping precincts picking out “edibles”, sniffing them and eating them. Many keep bits of food in their facial hair.

The figures are in and Wrap has deduced that “discarded food is a bigger problem than packaging, as the food supply chain accounts for a fifth of UK carbon emissions and decomposing food releases methane, the most potent of the greenhouse gases”.

And it costs you money. As the Guardian notes: “Wasted food is estimated to cost each British household from £250 to £400 a year.”

Not everyone buys waste food, of course, but the figures suggest a rich market in the stuff.

“If we stopped the amount [of food waste] that we could stop, it would be the same as taking one fifth of cars off the road,” says Liz Goodwin, Wrap’s chief executive.

Not cars made from Styrofoam boxes and run on chip fat, but we hear the message…

The campaign is supported by the National Federation of Women’s Institutes, Thomasina Miers, MasterChef winner two years ago and the Anorak ‘Sweetcorn Beard’

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