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Madeleine McCann: The Portuguese Paedophile

by | 30th, October 2007

Madeleine McCann – Paulo Reis writes:

At last, a Portuguese paedophile suspect of kidnapping Maddie!

Now, it seems that Metodo 3 found something that the McCann were waiting for: a Portuguese paedophile who kidnapped Madeleine and took her to Morocco. Mr. Francisco Marco, the managing director of Metodo 3 doesn’t explain how his company, hired by the McCann, managed to take this conclusion, without having access to the Police files, without questioning witnesses, without analysing the crime scene. But, once again, this is what the McCann wanted: Madeleine was kidnapped, Madeleine is in Morocco and Madeleine can be alive.

This is what they need to say: “See, we were right and Portuguese Police was wrong! We are innocent! We were framed by Portuguese police!” (as they said, before…) and Mr. Francisco Marco has one more satisfied client. I presume that, now, a lot of families in Morocco who have blonde children, like the one spotted by Clara Torres (“If it’s not Madeleine, than it’s her twin sister”, as she said…) live in the fear that a “tourist” can take a picture of her daughter.

And it’s curious, not so long ago, Gerry McCann was positive about Madeline being alive and in Spain: “There is a very real possibility that Madeleine is alive and we want the police to look for her. The possibility that Madeleine is alive and in Spain is real”, he told Spanish daily El Mundo. In a few days, we will know also that Jane Tanner said “Hello” to Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins, when they met near the Ocean Club apartment, not long before Madeleine disappeared. I don’t’ know what Jeremy Wilkins thinks about this, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


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