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Royal Sex Tape: Living Up To Her Majesty’s Standards

by | 29th, October 2007

“ROYAL SEX VIDEO SENSATION,” announces the Mirror.

If only a copy of this video being given away with every paper. Instead, Mirror readers have to make do with a “FREE ladybird book” of Rapunzel, the Princess who lets down only her hair.

But what of the sex video? The alleged blackmailer is one Ian Strachan. He is accused of trying to extort £50,000 from a “minor royal”. He has been arrested with one Sean McGuigan. They will be tried at the Old Bailey.

All to the good. Justice will be seen to be done. Or not – blackmailing victims are often afforded anonymity and the media gagged.

But what of this video? It allegedly shows the royal’s aide chopping up cocaine with the assistance of a Harrods gold card.

The Mail has more front page “SECRETS OF THE ROYAL ‘BLACKMAIL’ TAPE”.

There are “LURID DETIALS”. There is “sex and drugs”. The aide is boasting of a “gay sex act” with the unnamed royal. The aide is allegedly seen removing cocaine from an envelope bearing the royal’s name

The Mail says there are “fears” the royal’s name may emerge abroad.

But Strachan’s lawyer, Giovanni di Stefano, who has represented Saddam Hussein and Ronnie Biggs, says “there is no tape of a sex act in existence”.

There is only a tape of an assistant to a member of the Royal Family taking cocaine and saying how they received a sex act from a royal. That is all. Di Stefano’s client denies blackmail.

Strachan, a “wealthy London clubber” (Sun), tells his brief that he has met Princes William and Harry. He has also met Lord Frederick Windsor.

So no tape. No blackmail. And even if there were a tape, it may not be up to much. As the Times notes: “The Queen once said it was hard for young royals to live up to her standards.”

Whatever can she have meant…?

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